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Welcome to Shekhar Singh Collections

This site mainly contains documents (books, reports, papers, articles, chapters in books, reviews, reminiscences, and other such) that I have (singly or jointly) been involved in authoring, editing, and/or researching. The rationale for it is a bit confused. Most likely it is an ego trip, but I have managed to convince myself that seeking to be acknowledged as being humble is even more egotistical than seeking recognition as merely marginally prolific!

Also, most of the documents on this site are either unpublished or essentially out-of-print. And in the off chance that some of them are of some use to some people, this is one way of making them publicly accessible.

I have taken the liberty to include some documents that I was not involved in authoring etc., mainly because they are, in my view, important and relevant to the subjects represented in this collection, but not freely accessible. These have been included under the sub-head "Relevant unpublished/out-of-print documents by other authors".

Finally, there is the issue of repetition. Some documents are part repetitions of others. There are at least two reasons for this. First, sometimes a larger, limited circulation research report, is summarised for publication as a paper in a journal , or a chapter in a book. Both are given here for the convenience of the reader. Second, in some cases the same basic material is adapted for different purposes, as training material for civil servants, educational material for university students, or discussion notes for seminars. My apologies if such repetition irritates readers.

Before signing off I must acknowledge my debt to Harish Mehra, who has set up, and manages, the website, and to Chander Kaushal and Rubina Mondal, who have so laboriously scanned thousands of pages.

I welcome feedback, especially indicating errors and omissions. Please email

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